Our story started at our weekend house in Štiavnické Bane, where we used to spend all our free weekends and holidays.


We used to meet here with the whole family or even friends whenever possible. This place is magical, gives anybody a lot of energy. That may be the reason why the idea of making cider was born at this place.



In the garden we have old varieties of apple trees which in 2011 after a few "barren" seasons compensated us for a very strong crop. First it took us to collect them, then process them in a hundred ways. We ate them, cooked them, baked cakes, juiced them, handed them out to friends, but the kicks still waned. But when the apples were almost 'leaking' from our ears, we sat in the kitchen at the table, wondering what to do with a bunch of apples. It would be a sin to throw it away. At that time, our father got the idea of making a cider.


So we decided to try it. Juicing was a breeze, but then our expedition to unexplored waters began. Studying books and videos on the Internet, testing what it can do. And it gave us at first something more like an apple wine, but tasted great. Over time, we improved the production process and got to the right taste of the cider as it should be. We did it for the joy and pleasure of our family and friends.



Upon our friend's impulse we decided to produce the cider for the public as well. In 2013, we established the company and this forced us to start thinking about the brand name itself. We wanted the name to bear the spirit of the place where our idea originated. We started looking for the name in the history of Štiavnické Bane and eventually we found it. The name was a bit uncommon, but we liked it. In the books we have read that SIGELSBERG was one of the settlements, which united in the time today called Štiavnické Bane. The village has a german history. Therefore, the German name, whose meaning can be freely translated as a victorious hill. 


As the next step, our friend helped us to create the first labels. This is an archive photo of our first label:


As the years went by we have improved our production and we started to make more varieties of cider. You can check the offer of OUR PRODUCTS.


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